My second session of this year began with a lot of expectations. I absolved this trip with my dear friend Robert, who have never fished here before. And also I never fished with him, so it was a bit of an unknown. So we loaded our little boat, relieved our friends on the bank, they´ve showed off with a stunning catch and a new PB for Lacko.

In a hurry I´ve unpacked, prepared my rods and casted out. We had our spots marked with buoys, so we didn´t have to find any features in the water. I brought here three kind of boilies, mostly home-mades and some commertial stuff. I don´t like to carry with myself a lot of types of boilies, because  I´m in a dilemma what to put on. But it wasn´t so easy, because Rob brought the whole range of boilies from Imperial Baits. Only, no one told him, that there is a bait restriction on this water. So I had a great oportunity to make myself familiar with iB stuff. Also I brough here a mix of tiger nuts, maze and some little seeds.

On this water I usually use helicopter setup, which I used this time too, with a simple flourocarbon rig and a Longshank Mugga size 8 hook. I really like to use this hooks even in snags because it holds the fish perfectly . So I tied up a simple bottom bait and casted out. A few necessary actions to become established here and we can have a drink on arriving. According to the forecast we had to have nice spring weather with some showers, which we had the first two days. Nothing tragic, only a spring refreshment. We´ve opened up a little umbrella under which we´ve put our chairs, and already we could admire the beautiful scenery around us. Water ahead us, trees around, birds singing and we are sitting here on the edge of the forrest waiting for a catch.

And Rob had a take and caught a huge carp. A really nice common. The carp was landed without any serious fight. It was a bit strange to us. No fight at all. The scale showed 19,8 kg. Great start! Having a drink. After a short talk, I had a take on my rod. When I took my rod from the pod my second rod went off. Rob assisted me to land my first double of this year. The first one had 14 kg and the other one. Well, the other one had 21 kg. Yes, yes, yes! My third carp over 20 kg. Awesome. I´m happy as a kid. We took a few shots with the carps and I carefully released them. Thanks Rob for the assist. And we blessed us with another drink. 🙂

If we would have such carps at home! I´m thinking. It would be great. There is a pretty little chance to catch a monster like this in our waters. It´s a shame. I cannot imagine, how can somebody kill or sell a creature like this. It´s really a shame that some „anglers“ consider it as a normal thing. After all, these fish would be able to create an enormous breed in our waters, but by that kill, we kill all our waters. : (

Night passed without a take. Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning and immediately started to change the baits. Morning hygiene and preparing breakfast. Made a cup of coffee, without  I wouldn´t be myself. It´s cold out there but this cup of coffe is warming me up. I took some casts with the spod to bait up my spot. Realizing how good is Rob´s shockleader. Usually I use braid line, except rivers and places where are obstacles, particularly in places where the distance is the priority. Off course I use casting gloves for this activity, otherwise tha casting would be quite painfull. But when casting the spod, it was clear to me, that the braid is not the ideal solution, because even through gloves it can hurt a bit.

But this time it was different. Tappered Leader used as a shockleader. It´s only a monofil, 0,57 mm of thickness on the one end and 0,23 mm on the other. I found it a lot better to use for spodding. But I have a take. And another! Second double. Rob´s assisting again. First one had 14 kg and the other one 16 kg. I´ve got the first mirror of this session. Great. Some pictures taken and we´re releasing them back. Nice carps and especially they fought well. It´s really an unspeakable feeling when fighting a carp like this. That´s the thing which constantly makes me go out for some angling.

While I´m preparing some new baits, Rob is taking out his laptop and starts to work. A really good place for some activity like this. 🙂 We have a little carptalk, about his favourite boilies, places where he had fished and carps. I´m just quietly listening about his experiences in France, to the famous Lac du Saint Cassien. I would definitely like to go there for a fishing trip. Maybe one day I will fulfill this dream.

On the last two days, we were a little desperate. Our spots burned out. We tried to catch some out of our marked spots. We didn´t have enough bait to establish a new spot, so I tried to make some PVA´s and catch some carp this way. This tactic was partially succesfull for me, but I didn´t catch a monster anyway. Maybe next time.

On the last day at lunch we´ve packed our gears in to the boat, and went to the far bank, where my buddies were waiting for me. They were here to take over. I took them to the fishing spot and I also moved the buoys. I choose to stay with them for a while. They landed a few nice carps and then I said goodbye to them. A big thanks to Peter, the admin of the lake, and I left this place with some beautiful memories again. Thanks.


by Peter Dubík – carpDIARIES